Sunday, 6 November 2011

Harsh does of reality

Dear friend and family,
      Last night my husband maliciously compared me to my mother-in-law. She is a very nice lady, but those of you who know her can guess that this probably wasn't a compliment. After recovering from this insult I saw where he was coming from and decided I should set the record straight. First a little background information. When Chris and I started dating I used to hate going to his families house for dinner because his mother would have to clean meticulously for days and prepare and twelve course meal every time I came over. This was very intimidating and made me feel like I was putting her out every time. Last night Chris accused me of doing the same thing whenever I have people over. So my friends, if I have made you feel this way, I apologize. The only thing is, is that I genuinely enjoy doing it. It isn't work for me, it's more like a hobby, and as you know I have very few. I take pleasure in parousing my food network magazines, picking out a menu, setting a table. My only regret is that I don't own fancy linen and dishes, maybe some day. Chris said I make you all feel bad that you may not reciprocate with something as elaborate, please don't! I want to be around you for the company, not a meal that took you 3 days to prepare and stressed you out. I love to cook for people. I think in my last life I may have been a wife of some rich business man where my sole job was putting on dinner parties for him. That or some fat Italian grandmother. If it's not your cup of tea then let us eat pizza!  As Kate-Lynn said '' Jessi is the housewife'' and it's true, even if not in the literal sense of the word (although now that I work from home maybe I could be?). So please my friends, come, eat, talk and laugh with me and let momma feed you (try the last line with an Italian accent)


  1. Love this post! Your writing is excellent and your humour shines through. I'm not intimidated in the least that you go to such lengths to be excellent meals, because I know you love doing it. If anything, I work my butt off to make something you and Chris will enjoy. I'm more of a comfort food lady, and less of a gourmet chef like you! But aside from all of that, I love spending time with you guys, and we should always do it more often. Miss hanging out with good friends all the time.

  2. How about the next time I'm in town, we cook one hell of a gourmet meal together and i meet that handsome little man of yours?! :-) Miss you heaps hunny!